Epoxy Countertops

Make You Your Counters Last a Lifetime

Get epoxy countertop installation in New Hartford, NY

Custom epoxy countertops are a cost-effective way to add flair to your home or business in New Hartford, NY. They can go over your existing countertops, so there's no need for a full replacement. If your counters are damaged, Nick's Concrete Coating can repair them before installing the epoxy countertop. Prep work is essential for a successful installation, so it's important to bring in the pros. Call 315-725-6676 today to learn more.

The benefits of epoxy counters

When you're ready to revamp your kitchen, the options can be overwhelming. If you want something that meets your visual and practical needs, consider epoxy. Custom epoxy countertops are great because they are:

Durable, scratch and chip resistant
Low-maintenance and easy to clean
Come in a large variety of colors and designs
Can mimic the look of quartz, marble or granite

Set up epoxy countertop installation today.